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cwwomen20in20's Journal

Women of the CW 20in20
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Welcome to cwwomen20in20, a 20in20 challenge community for all of the actresses that play a role on a CW show. Every month you can choose from any actress as long as she is/was on a CW show. As long as she was on for at least 3-4 episodes, I will accept it. An actress can only be chosen once per round, but one person cannot pick the same person more than once in a 3-month period to give everyone a chance. If your choice is already picked before you get to sign up, you can always reserve her for the next round.
01. You will have 20 days to make 20 icons of a CW actress of your choice. 10 themes, 5 category icons, and 5 artist's choice icons.
02.Each round will last 20 days. I will post sign-ups, and once an adequate number of people sign up, I will post themes and you will have exactly 20 days to make and submit your icons.
03. An actress can only be picked once per round, but you may choose groups. For example, one person can choose Blake Lively and Leighton Meester (but both must be in at least 10 of your icons) and another can pick Leighton Meester. If your favorite actress has already been chosen, you may reserve her for the next round.
04. Icons must be 100x100 and fit the lj standard; ALL effects are allowed (blending, textures, etc.) except for animation.
05. All icons must be new for the round, no previous work will be accepted.
06. Link to your icon post with three previews (three icons).
07. DON'T TAG YOUR ENTRIES, we'll do it for you.
01. The voting will be up asap after the round is over-usually less than 48 hours.
02. You do not have to be a member to vote.
03. suspicious votes will be discounted, do not vote for yourself.
04. you may ask your friends to come vote, but you may not tell them to vote for you specifically.
05. be completely unbiased, do not vote for your favorite actress. Vote for the best-made icon that best fits the theme.
06. As long as enough votes have been cast, voting will be closed after 5 days.